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Create a WordPress Website for Free

Everything you need to create your own WordPress website for free. Build your site with free Q&A support and discounted as-needed design services from WordPress experts.

Get Started
Man standing proudly at high elevation.

Build Your Own Website

Gain access to a powerful WordPress website that’s secured and monitored by WordPress experts. Leverage our Q&A support directly through the dashboard and request design services as-needed. Go live when ready!

Free WordPress Install

Your free WordPress install is secured and monitored by our team of WordPress experts.

Free Q&A Support

Gain access to Q&A support right from the dashboard. We answer all WordPress questions for free.

As-needed, Paid Help

Pay for help only when you need it. We’re here to assist with all website-related jobs.

How It Works

Start a free WordPress website with professional WordPress help. Go live when you’re ready, jump on our maintenance plan, and start generating traffic with a team of WordPress experts that have your back.


Request a free install

Request a free WordPress install by visiting our Free WordPress Setup page. We’ll set up WordPress and install our tools. Note that security, updates, backups, and maintenance are all provided by our staff of WordPress experts.


Log in and get started

After the installation is complete, we’ll send you access via email. Once inside your WordPress dashboard, you can start adding content and making customizations immediately. Choose from hundreds of themes and thousands of plugins to customize your site.


Ask for help as-needed

Starting a WordPress site means you’ll be learning new things. To get you started, we offer free dashboard Q&A support and WP101 tutorial videos. Though we strive for speed, we cater to quality, so we maintain the 24-hour turnaround standard on all messages.


Migrate to server and go live

Once your site is complete, sign up for our WordPress Maintenance Plan and we’ll set your site up on industry-leading SiteGround WordPress hosting. We do recommend all clients purchase their own domain separately (e.g.

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